The North Sea Scrolls

Physical edition

iTunes edition

A farrago composed in cahoots with Luke Haines and Cathal Coughlan, revealing the hidden history of these islands, in song. Contains profound and astonishing revelations vis-a-vis Hawkwind, and other subjects besides.

"Deeply engrossing, and rings resoundingly with cultural and historical truth."
- The Independent on Sunday

"Its pleasures lie almost entirely in the storytelling, bolstered by Mueller's between-songs narration."
- Q

"A dense, ridiculous, astonishingly ambitous concept... but the music is beautiful in its own right."
- The Birmingham Mail

"A discombobulating listen, bit also a daft, enjoyable one."
- The Guardian

"Luke Haines and Cathal Coughlan, veteran musical iconoclasts, have really outdone themselves this time."
- The Times

"There is a brilliantly argued and profound message here, of the lies that become truth as the past is distorted."
- Culture Northern Ireland

"Cleverly constructed, yet thoroughly at odds with what passes for alternative amusement these days."
- The Irish Times