Rock and Hard Places

UK edition

US edition

Assorted journalistic misadventures reaching back over two decades. Some about travelling with rock bands, some about travelling in war zones, and some about travelling with rock bands in war zones...

"Andrew Mueller's piece about my band's tour with The Hold Steady is my favourite thing ever written about us. The fact that he is a war correspondent (though he claims otherwise) and music journalist and approaches both with a similar slant makes him one of the most interesting writers out there to me."
- Patterson Hood, Drive-By Truckers

"The most important critical anthology on popular music from a single author in a long time, its humour and insight equal with collections by Nick Tosches or Robert Palmer."
- KEXP Seattle

"Take one part P.J. O'Rourke, a healthy dose of Lester Bangs and a dash of Hunter S. Thompson, and you've got Andrew Mueller."
- Bookgasm

"This is a wonderful, exuberant and eccentric collection of articles. . . the most enjoyable travel book of 2010."
- The Sydney Morning Herald

"Sharply observed and wittily constructed."
- Honolulu Star-Advertiser

"Andrew Mueller plays the hapless hack brilliantly, with lashings of irreverence and self-deprecating humour."
- The Age

"Mueller's humour makes for some enlightening reading."
- Biloxi-Gulfport Sun-Herald

"Sharp, witty and sarcastic."
- Chicago Tribune

"Equally hilarious and insightful music journalism and foreign correspondence."
- The Vine

"Gonzo journalism at its finest."
- Madison