From the Vaults

An irregularly and arbitrarily rotating selection of stories from the archives. Requests welcomed.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Uncut, 2016

IF The Byrds’ second album resembled a delayed second half of their first, there were reasons. The Byrds began recording “Turn! Turn! Turn!” the week after “Mr Tambourine Man” reached the shops; the two would be released six months apart. Read Story

The Queen’s Club Match

Smith Journal, 2016

SPORADICALLY since the late 1980s, the AFL has staged a post-season exhibition match at the Oval in London. These have rarely been much of an advertisement for our national game – or, frankly, our national character, which may be why the last such fixture occurred in 2012. Read Story

Strait to Hell

Anzac Day at Gallipoli, April 1998

Excerpt from “Rock & Hard Places”, 2009 reissue I VISITED Gallipoli for The Sunday Times on the 83rd anniversary of the landings, and left more bemused than ever by Australia’s relationship with this bleak stretch of shoreline. My feelings about the place have become no more resolved in the decade or so since. In the… Read Story